Sunday, 15 December 2013

Paper crafted necklace using magazine page

We will be having a lot of old magazines and papers in our home which we normally dump at the end of year or sell it to some local shops. If we are a bit patient, some spare time to spend and interested in crafts, we can make use of old magazines and papers to create beautiful ornaments, home decorative items and a lot of stuffs of your imagination.

After all a very good paper recycling idea, a wonderful hobby and even some people are making good income out of it.

This time I have decided to make a necklace for my daughter using an old edition of Filmfair as a Christmas Gift. Thankfully all these magazines like Fimlfair, Femina, maxim, Traveller etc will be having lots of colorful advertisement pages from which we can select our choice of page matching the color of our dress or other ornaments.  

Necklace made using Filmfair magazine


My daughter posing for me

How to make beads using magazine pages.

After selecting the page, cut it into strips according to the size and shape of the beads we are planning to make. Roll it using a tooth pick and make as many number of beads. Apply fabric glue and keep 2-3 minutes for drying. We may add some nail polish to get some glaze.

Strips for beads cut from magazine

Roll the strips using toothpick

One more necklace

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